Alamo Ranch

Our Alamo Ranch office is Open and taking new appointments

Please note that, even though this office is re-opening, we take the health and safety of our patients very seriously. We will be taking every precaution necessary to provide you with a sterile, clean and safe environment during your visit. We will be using masks, gloves and sterilization techniques to ensure you and your family feel comfortable during your visit.

Review our adjusted office hours below and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

San Antonio Eye Professionals at Alamo Ranch

Welcome to San Antonio Eye Professionals at Alamo Ranch. We are so happy that you are making your eye health a priority. Our optometrists and eye care professionals are dedicated to making sure you and your vision are well taken care for. Call us today to schedule your eye appointment with one of our friendly team members or read on below to learn more about the services we offer.

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Office Hours

Sunday : 12:00PM-4:00PM
Monday-Friday: 9:30AM-6:30PM
Saturday : 10:00AM-5:00PM


Nabeel Hasan, O.D., Talia Tunstill, O.D., Steven Graham, O.D., Nima Maghami, O.D.

Services Offered at Our Alamo Ranch Location


Comprehensive Eye Exams

It is critical to make sure you and your family are going to regular eye exams to have optimal vision health. At your routine eye exam our professionals are able to see if your prescription has changed, if you need to start wearing glasses or contacts, and if there are any issues with your vision. 

Eye exams are able to identify diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and more. These common diseases can not only affect your vision but also cause harm to the whole body. By diagnosing an eye disease, there is a possibility of healing the disease or minimizing its effects. 

Children as well as adults are welcomed at San Antonio Eye Professionals for eye exams. Vision health is one of the key elements for your child to have a positive learning and development experience. If they are struggling with school, vision health can play a role in this. Contact our team by phone or request an appointment here online for you or your family today.

Glasses and Contacts 

Our eye care professionals are able to help you find the perfect glasses depending on your age, vision needs, and profession. We help you with choosing the lens material, design, correct lens power and more. You will feel confident with your glasses purchase knowing that you worked with someone that you can trust, and who educated and informed you throughout the process. 

Whether you are familiar with contact lenses or want to start wearing them, the optometrists at San Antonio Eye Professionals are here to help. We fit you for the correct contact size and take you through the proper care needed for your contacts. There are also quite a few types of contacts you can purchase like  “breathable” lenses, monovision and colored. Before you go ahead and make your contact purchase, we give you free samples so you know what kind of contacts work best for you. To learn more about contact lenses or glasses, contact our team.

Free LASIK Consultation

Having LASIK surgery is a big decision. You want people that you can fully trust to walk with you through the process. We offer a free LASIK consultation to make sure that you are a strong candidate for the surgery and so we can give you professional recommendations. By coming to us first before going to a LASIK Surgery Center, you can take advantage of savings and warranty plans because of our co-management relationship with several seasoned ophthalmologists. After the LASIK surgery, our practice is where you will come for follow-up visits and we will be with you throughout the process. Schedule an appointment online or call us to book your free consultation.

Visit San Antonio Eye Professionals at Alamo Ranch for Quality Eye Care

We would love for you to come see us at our Alamo Ranch location. We are here for you and to help your eyes be happy and healthy. We are located at 5535 West Loop 1604 North Suite 104 in San Antonio. Request an appointment here on our website or contact us by calling us if you have any questions at all about our location or services.