Contact Lenses

contact lenses

Contact lenses are an effective correction solution for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. Over the years contacts have become increasingly popular due to their discrete nature. Our eye experts get a lot of questions from patients about contact lenses. Below, you will find general information about contacts as well as the answers to some frequently asked questions from our patients.

Table of Contents:

  1. How can I get contact lenses?
  2. Who should get contacts?
  3. Different types of contact lenses
  4. How long do contact lenses last?
  5. Can you get contacts without a prescription?

San Antonio Eye Professionals is your one stop shop for all things contact lenses. From your initial eye exam to ordering your next set of contacts, our friendly eye care professionals will be there for you to help make sure that you have everything you need to see clearly comfortably. Contact the San Antonio Eye Professionals online or over the phone today to schedule an appointment! Want to learn more about contact lenses? Read on below.


How can I get contact lenses?

Contact lenses are considered a medical device. This means that you must have a prescription to get them. The first step to getting contacts is getting a prescription from an eye professional such as an optometrist or an ophthalmologist by undergoing an eye examination. This can be done at any one of our three San Antonio Eye Professionals locations. Once you have your prescription you can choose which kind of contacts you want. There are a variety of contact lens brands available to choose from. One of our eye care professionals will be happy to walk you through your options!


contact lenses



Who should get contact lenses?

Many people wear contact lenses without experiencing any problems. As contact lens technology improves, more people are able to comfortably and effectively use contact lenses to correct their vision. A common question our eye professionals are asked by patients is “who should get contact lenses?”

There is not a specific type of person that is more or less eligible for contact lenses. Depending on your lifestyle you may find that contact lenses are a good option. Contacts may be a good choice for you if you match any of the following descriptions:

  • You live an active lifestyle.
  • You value a wider field of vision.
  • You hate when glasses fog up.
  • Glasses don’t match your style.

On the other hand, contacts may not be a good idea for you if any of the following describe you:

  • You don’t like touching your eyes.
  • Your eyes are easily irritated.
  • You have dry eyes.
  • You spend lots of time at a computer.

If you feel like contact lenses are something that would match your lifestyle or have questions about whether or not contacts may be an option for you, the San Antonio Eye Professionals can help you. With three eye doctor office locations in San Antonio, we have a location conveniently located to you! Give us a call or fill out the online contact form below to schedule your appointment today!




What are some different types of contact lenses?

When selecting contacts, you have a variety of options to choose from. There are different types of contacts as well as different brands to choose from. There are two major types of contact lenses: soft contacts and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts. Both types of contacts have their advantages and disadvantages. When you visit San Antonio Eye Professionals, our eye care professionals will help you determine which type of contact lens is the best for your situation.

When it comes to choosing brands of contacts it all comes down to your personal preference. One brand of contacts may be comfortable to some people but uncomfortable for others. Different brands also offer different price points. Some brands are much more expensive than others. When you get contacts, our eye experts will walk you through the different brand options and help you choose the best all around contacts for you.



How long do contact lenses last?

Contacts don’t last forever and should not be worn for longer than they are designed to last. There are a variety of different contact lenses available that are designed to be used for different lengths of time. Some of the most common types of contact lenses are daily, biweekly, and monthly contacts. Each of these contact lens types should be disposed of after they have been worn for their predetermined life span. Wearing contacts for a few extra days won’t cause the lens to dissolve or fall apart in your eye, however, extended wear can result in a lack of oxygen reaching your eye due to protein buildup. This lack of oxygen can cause infection and even the growth of blood vessels in the eye which leads to redness. It is important that you replace your contact lenses on a regular basis depending on how long the contacts are designed to last. Talk to our eye care team to discuss different contact lens options.

Contact Lenses



Can you get contacts without a prescription?

Many people are curious if it is possible to get contacts without a valid prescription. The answer is no. It is illegal to buy or sell contacts without a prescription. Contact lenses are considered a prescription medical device by the FDA. This means that you must have a contact lens prescription before you can purchase contact lenses. A prescription is also required for decorative or costume contact lenses. The eye specialists here at San Antonio Eye Professionals will be happy to provide you with a prescription that will help you see clearly and comfortably. When you schedule an eye exam at one of the San Antonio Eye Professionals offices, we will provide you with a prescription that can be used to purchase your next set of contact lenses. Contact us today to schedule an eye exam at one of our convenient offices in the San Antonio area.



Contacts at San Antonio Eye Professionals

Switching from glasses to contacts can be a big adjustment. Luckily, San Antonio Eye Professionals has years of experience helping our patients make the change. San Antonio Eye Professionals is partnered with the most reputable contact lens manufacturers on the market so you can rest assured that you are going to get the best contacts available. If you have been considering contacts, schedule an appointment with San Antonio Eye Professionals today to take the first step toward clear vision!