Education Center

Education Center

Welcome to our Eye Care Education Center at San Antonio Eye Professionals.

Here you will find answers to common patient questions about different eye care practices, treatments, and conditions. Find out more about each topic by clicking the section header to be directed to that specific topic page. As always, if you have questions about eye care you can always contact our team or schedule an appointment here at San Antonio Eye Professionals.


  1. What is astigmatism?
  2. How is astigmatism treated?
  3. Can astigmatism get worse over time?

Computer Vision Syndrome

  1. What is computer vision syndrome?
  2. What are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome?
  3. Do blue light glasses prevent computer vision syndrome?

Contact Lenses

  1. How to get contact lenses?
  2. Who should get contacts?
  3. Different types of contact lenses

Eye Exams

  1. Why do I need an eye exam?
  2. What happens during an eye exam?

Hyperopia / Farsightedness

  1. What does farsighted mean?
  2. What causes farsightedness?
  3. What are the symptoms of farsightedness?
  4. How is farsightedness treated?


  1. Am I a candidate for LASIK?
  2. Can LASIK make my vision worse?
  3. Can LASIK fix my astigmatism?

Myopia / Nearsightedness

  1. What does nearsighted mean?
  2. What causes nearsightedness?
  3. What are the symptoms of nearsightedness?
  4. How is nearsightedness treated?