Do I need to wear glasses or contacts when I take my driver’s license exam in Texas?

drivers license test

Are you applying for a driver’s license and want the process to go as smoothly as possible? Between bringing the important paperwork, practicing your signs and other information at hand, there is a lot to remember. One important aspect of getting your driver’s license is the vision exam. When you apply to get a driver’s license, each applicant is required to take a vision exam on site that tests your visual acuity, peripheral vision, and in certain states ability to differentiate colors. 

What are the vision requirements for getting a driver’s license in Texas?

In every state there are certain vision requirements to receive a driver’s license. The vision test is a measure of acuity, which is the sharpness of vision. An applicant in the state of Texas without contacts or glasses must have 20/40 or better in both eyes. If an individual receives an acuity score that is lower than 20/40 without glasses or contacts, a visit to the eye doctor is needed. An applicant with vision assistance such as contacts or glasses must score 20/70 or better on the vision exam to get a driver’s license in Texas. 

Should I wear my glasses or contacts during the vision exam?

If you wear corrective glasses or contacts typically and would need to wear them to read or pass the vision screening, make sure to bring them with you to the DMV. It is important to use visual assistance if you need it. If you pass the visual exam with help of glasses or contacts, a restriction will be noted on your driver’s license indicating that visual assistance is required for driving. Always make sure your vision is up to date and if corrective eye surgery occurs and glasses or contacts are no longer needed to drive, update your license to show this. Failure to update your driver’s license is your responsibility, and a ticket will be warranted if you are found driving without eye-care if that is still stated on your driver’s license. 

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